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Thank you for your interest in East Coast Saunas Affiliate Program.

For those accepted into the East Coast Saunas Affiliate Program you will be earning commissions of 10% per sale generated by a lead that you provide. Once you are an affiliate you will have access to information on our site showing you how much traffic you are generating and how many of those people convert into actual sales. In addition by signing up other affiliates you will earn 2% additional on all sales generated by them.

In joining the East Coast Saunas Affiliate Program you understand that East Coast Saunas reserves the rights to remove any of its affiliates at anytime at their discretion. East Coast Saunas allow all of its affiliates to use web content including videos and text. In using this it is only to be altered with consent from East Coast Saunas otherwise to be used in its current stats. East Coast Saunas agrees to pay its affiliates 10 % of any sale generated from its affiliates and 2 % on sales from affiliates signed on by the original affiliate.

In order to sign on an affiliate beneath you, they must enter our site through the special Tier Linking Code which you will find in your account. If your affiliate enters our site using the normal commission link, they will not be a part of your tier.

Anyone who decides to participate in the program and run any type of pay per click program on any search engine must refrain from using the company’s name as a keyword as well as any of the distributor companies as keywords words. This includes East Coast Saunas , West Coast Saunas, and any distributor or dealer name that carries the West Coast Sauna product line.

Affiliates that write any blogs or have affiliate links that discuss our product must have in an obvious spot for the reader to find the fact that you are in an affiliate program with East Coast Saunas and if anyone buys a sauna from one of the links you are being compensated by East Coast Saunas. Please refer to this link put out by the FTC on rules for blogging and review sites. Thanks and we look forward to working with you if accepted.

For more information on this program you can contact us at 1-800-376-1799

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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