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Received the Malibu a few weeks ago and love it. The quality is outstanding along with all of the extras that you include. The several months of research, checking with the BBB and talking with owners was the reason I chose East Coast Saunas. The lifetime warranty was the cherry.

Larry Jacobs, Georgia

In a word perfect. From my first phone conversation I have been impressed with the service and support from West Coast Saunas. They kept their word: prompt delivery, easy to follow installation instructions: it took two of us less than two hours to assemble, timely response regarding my questions and best of all: IT WORKS. I use my sauna almost everyday. We put the sauna in our garage. In the morning I push two buttons to turn it on , exercise and return in 40 minutes when the sauna is about 125 degrees. I sit in the sauna and watch through the glass door in the sauna the business news on TV. The sauna is good for my skin, helps detox my system, improves my circulation and relieves tension. Yes, it is perfect.

Jack Perry

Just wanted to let you know that I have received my Sauna and it has been setup. Everything proceeded as scheduled. Great experience with the delivery and setup of the Sauna and the technician that setup the sauna and explained the operation of the Sauna. Will highly recommend your saunas to anyone I know who is looking for a good quality Sauna and great customer service.  Thanks!  I would recommend West Coast Saunas and partners to anyone who is looking for a sauna.

Gwenda Sampson, Missouri City, TX

Received the Malibu sauna kit yesterday and I would like to say how much I appreciate the quality and construction of the unit. The instructions were very clear, the holes lined up spot on to make a very easy and hassle free assembly. We used it for the first time last night and it works very well. Happy with the purchase.

Buddy King, Renton, WA

We just purchased the Malibu sauna last Wednesday and it was delivered to our door the following Monday! The instructions were easy to follow and we had the sauna operational within 25 minutes. I research infrared saunas on the internet for over a month and the quality and workmanship of your product is excellent. My wife and I have used the sauna both nights and we commented that it was the most relaxing and sound sleep that we have had in years, no more waking up during the night. We have noticed that our skin feels smoother and softer. With my wife and I being retired Police Officers you can take our word that this is a great product, well worth the investment.

Ron Henselwood, Ontario Canada

Your sauna has been instrumental in transforming my health. Along with a good nutritional program, I'm feeling better today than I have in YEARS!!!! I've always known that detoxification was part of the equation for rebuilding ones health but didn't know how to effectively do that until I found infrared saunas. Thank you so much for helping me bring this wonderful product into my home.

Jan Holland, Roswell, GA

I chose the Del Mar 3 person sauna. The installers, when they arrived, assembled it in a little over 40 minutes and it looks great. Everything works fine and just love it. I have dealt with psoriasis all my life and also recently had a bladder infection I couldn't get rid of. I get in the sauna every day for about 40 minutes,sometimes twice a day and after a couple of weeks my psoriasis has almost cleared up completely and my infection was gone the first week I used it. I am absolutely pleased with this Del Mar sauna from East Coast Saunas and would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase an infrared sauna.

Judy Porter, Cleburne Texas

Just had my Hollywood model delivered yesterday, my carpenter put it together in re4cord time and I had my first infrared sauna experience last night. It was very easy to work and I'm glad I ordered the Hollywood even though it will usually only be my husband and myself using it. The cedar smell is wonderful, I plan on getting something softer than a towel to sit on, since I was in there for 45 min. One of the first things I noticed upon gettiing out(other than being very sweaty) was after I took a cool shower, I felt to invigorated and my right shoulder that I injured last year didn't hurt when I toweled myself off. I also slept great last night. One of the things that bother me with getting a little older (as a women) is that when I wake up in the morning I'll feel swollen in my hands and face and I look in the mirror and see puffy eyes. This morning was different! My face wasn't puffy nor did my hands feel swollen. And as you promised my skin looked much better too. Anyway, just wanted to let you know up here in Alaska I love my sauna so far!!

Dana Cruz, Palmer Alaska

Just wanted to share a review of my Malibu Sauna that I purchased from you in March... I couldn't be happier! After viewing a infrared sauna segment on Oprah by Dr. Oz, I spent a week investigating it's benefits. At the end of that week, I was investigating what type of heating elements, the distributor who I was going to purchase one from, and how much electricity was going to be used as I'm *green*. After in-depth discussions with my husband, I decided on a 2-person, 8-carbon filter cabin from West Coast Saunas. I spent a lot of time *interviewing* various companies, but was extremely pleased with their informative staff without the *hard sell* tactics. My Malibu sauna arrived within a week, and we had it put together in less than an hour. It uses 1475 watts - less than a hairdryer - and can be plugged into a normal 15 amp receptacle. We've had it for about two months now, and my daily sauna is the highpoint of my day. And here's why: I broke both ankles earlier this year and was literally just getting back on my feet when my sauna arrived. My surgeon was astounded my recovery time - I was back to powerwalking 4 miles a day in less than 3.5 months! She is now recommending infrared sauna to her patients!!! I'm 53 years old, have never had a facial and now my skin is baby-butt soft! I'm constantly touching my face in amazement - and everyone else has noticed as well. I use the sauna at it's highest setting - 150 degrees - and literally sweat like a pig. By getting all those toxins out and getting my circulation pumping, I'm now drug-free - NO HYPERTENSION MEDICINE!!! My energy level is greatly improved - no more PM doziness. The daily muscle cramps (which ususally occurred when I was in bed) are GONE! I am a walking advertisement for my infrared sauna as many people have noticed the positive differences it's made in my life. Purchasing this unit has been the best investment in my life - especially as it's benefitted my health in so many aspects. I look forward to my 60 minute break - whether to meditate, catch up on my reading, using the light-therapy or listening to calming, spa-like cd's. It's my defense against the world!

Christelle Lindewall, Oxford, MA


"After many years in family practice, I have encountered many patients with severe arthritis, cardiovascular problems, and chronic fatigue syndrome. With West Coast Saunas' infrared therapy, many of my patients have benefited dramatically."

Dr. David Grahm, San Diego, CA


"With my busy lifestyle, it's hard to get to the gym everyday. By using my sauna, I have lost 10 pounds and am much more energized. I also love my DVD player inside."

Gordon Roblin, Toronto, CA


"As a business owner and mother of four, my life can be hectic and stressful at times. My West Coast Sauna provides a haven from the outside world. Only 20 minutes every night with my favorite music playing in the background, my infrared sauna provides the relief I need. "

Michelle Adair, Murietta, CA


"Living in New York with its harsh winters caused me several months of depression from lack of sun. Using sun beds as treatment worked to some degree but created concern from the standpoint of unhealthy rays. I found a great solution through an infrared sauna. Thank you West Coast Saunas, you have changed my life."

Cheryl Fitzpatrick, New York, NY


"My experience with West Coast Saunas has been amazing. From the time I spoke to your knowledgeable staff about the product, through our first sauna session, my husband and I have been extremely pleased. We try to use our infrared sauna everyday and love it. Thank you so much!"

Rick and Cathy Moreno, Seattle, WA


"We were thrilled when our infrared sauna arrived ahead of schedule. We assembled it in under an hour from box to plug in without any problems. The craftsmanship exceeded our expectations. Thank you West Coast Saunas."

Rob and Julie Boyd, El Paso, TX


"I have been using a West Coast Sauna for about six months. The benefits have been numerous. I have had problems with diverticulitis for a few years and the immediate benefit from the sauna has been a reduction of this condition. I feel I have more energy and notice that I sleep better with regular use of our infrared sauna. My husband, who has type II diabetes, has also been using the sauna. He notes a decrease in diabetes related eczema and his blood sugars have been lower. Without changing our diet or workout programs, we have both noticed weight loss. I always feel great using the sauna and recommend it highly."

Diane Yates, Red Bluff, CA


"With my busy life, I often feel run down and depressed. That was, until I got my West Coast sauna. I now make time several times a week to enjoy my infrared sauna. The Chromotherapy lighting really helps to raise my spirits and keep me energized. I also noticed that after using my sauna only a few times my skin started to look healthier and rejuvenated. "

Nancy Yorkshire, Chicago, IL


"I have always struggled with skin irritation and asthma, but as soon as I got my West Coast sauna, I noticed a difference in my skin and my lungs began to open up more. I try to use my sauna everyday. I love relaxing with the comfort of my favorite CD playing and feeling the gentle heat encase me. Not to mention the amazing cleansing feeling you get every time your session is over."

Steve Swanson, Miami, FL


"A few months ago I was introduced to West Coast Saunas and the infrared technology. I did several sessions in their sauna and all I can say is "WOW". I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 10 years ago and have since developed chronic fatigue and candida (an overgrowth of yeast in the system). During the past 10 years I have tried a multitude of therapies both conventional and holistic. I also belong to a gym and do yoga, cardio, light weights and streaching trying to keep my pain level bearable, or as we say in fibro "not to crash with our pain." When I began infrared sauna therapy I believed it would take several sessions, but much to my amazement, I felt some relief after just one session. As I continued my pain decreased, my energy levels increased and my brain fog disappeared. I would encourage anyone with Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue to try the far infared sauna as it is the only therapy that has worked for me in the last 10 years. I thought it was going to be too good to be true, but it was great that I was wrong."

Annette LeBlanc, Ottawa, Canada


"I purchased an infrared sauna through West Coast Saunas. I cannot tell you enough how much the quality of my life has improved. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Polymyositus. Not only does this cause inflammation thoughout your whole body, but you're extremely fatigued all the time. It was very debilitating. After several weeks of using the infrared sauna my joint pain is virtually gone. What I experienced after using the sauna for a just a short time was unbelievable. I was able to do things that I normally couldn't do. Not only was I able to climb stairs without a problem, the brain fog and fatigue I had experienced for so long was gone! My new energy levels were something I never experienced before. Also from using the sauna I am able to get a great night's sleep and feel so refreshed in the morning. I put the disease into remission or should I say your sauna has put it into remission. No doctors were able to do that for me, but your sauna did! I continue to use the infrared sauna 2 to 3 times a week and I have never felt better or have had such clear thinking in my life. I feel fantastic! I recommend West Coast Saunas, the staff was amazing, knowledgeable and genuinely seem to care. Thank you West Coast Saunas with all of my heart, you gave me my life back!"

Jacquline Accussi, Forest Hills, NY


"Most of my life I have had spine problems which cause severe back and neck pain. After my first time in the infrared sauna I felt amazing from just one session! My neck and my back felt better instantly from just one session. Is that possible? It must be because I'm sleeping better and my day at work goes by so much faster when I don't have to think about the pain. Your sauna is truly amazing. To feel this good I would pay ten thousand dollars! Thanks again you have really changed my life for the better."

Stan Crowley, Charlotte, NC


"The far infared sauna from your company has been a miracle to me and my mother who have been battling psoriasis for many years. We have both gone through many toxic treatments with high risk for developing cancer in order to have our skin clear from psoriasis. I was about to undergo toxic treatments when Tracy Wilson from your company approached me with a unique opportunity to be one of the few people included in your study on psoriasis. In a span of a month and a half, I lost 16 lbs and my skin was 95% clear. My doctor along with myself, friends and family were completely shocked and elated at the results. Your sauna not only helped me clear my psoriasis, I also lost weight, felt mentally relieved, and physically healthier. Since then, I have purchased a sauna for my home that I use at least four times a week to maintain my clear skin. For anybody out there who has severe psoriasis like myself, you'll be happy and relieved to know that the far infrared saunas also alleviate the white spots you get after your skin is clear due to the healing process. In traditional medicine, I have noticed that getting rid of the white spots is a much longer process. I would like to thank Tracy Wilson for allowing me to live in her home for six weeks while I was going through the treatment. At 20 years old, your far infared sauna was the best thing I ever did for myself because now I know I won't have to undergo any more toxic treatments. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity you have given me."

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